Friday, November 27, 2009

a friday thought

I love a pretty kitchen. I think it has something to do with my family home. The kitchen is where we sit for hours, chatting, laughing, crying, sharing, advising. I do love my current kitchen, but unfortunately when there are two people in there it feels crowded.

Anyway then I saw this picture ...

A small mismatch kitchen. But it's beautiful. (For all I know this could be the corner of a massive room but I doubt it).

What drew me to the photo were the plates. I have a(n)(un)healthy love of plates and tea cups. But I do feel a bit guilty about how they are displayed. Currently they are like this:

They are lovely in there but a bit hidden away ...

A selection:

(retrieved from a rubbish bag)

(whole set bought for £20 0n Brick Lane)

(a second hand shop I think)

I do have quite a few more but that's for another post.

So I may not be able to expand my kitchen, but perhaps it's time for the plates to take centre stage.

me xxx

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