Saturday, December 5, 2009

shop popping

Oh time. It runs, runs, far, far away. Too many things to tell you, not enough discipline to blog. Must do better. Will endeavour to do so.

My Knight and I went on a little Christmas trip into town. We had a lovely lunch in St. Christopher's place, in a lovely cafe that really reminded me of being in Paris.

The rain was horrendous. Not part of our plan and so we took shelter where everyone should, Liberty. Oh joy. Yum, yum, yum. My magpie eyes were wide and alive. Oh colour, oh Christmas, oh yes please and thank you very much.

I enjoyed these lights:

(Bunny Rabbit Lamp £59)

(Pigeon Light by Ed Carpenter £60)

They reminded me of the Bambi lamp being sold in Caravan at the moment (£99):

This little Bambi has been busy. He is currently appearing on pg55 of Elle Decoration Dec 2009. Fantastic issue ... but that's for another post.

I fell for these, of course:

(unfortunately I can't locate the price ... probably for the best)

I could have spent hours wandering around dreaming of how I could move into the store without anyone noticing ... but I had to meet my chum for late night shopping on Columbia Road.

The rain had eased off thank goodness and we popped into each haven of beauty and treasure. Free mince pies, mulled wine and even shots of vodka in Ryantown from the most beautiful Rob Ryan shot glasses.

Columbia road Christmas Wednesdays. All info here!

Me xxx

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