Friday, November 20, 2009

right under your nose

As I was saying a couple of posts ago, coming back after some time away really does make you see things with fresh eyes. Along with that, you suddenly notice how much 'stuff' you have collected in your flat that YOU DO NOT NEED. Boxes full of things that you no longer remember, clothes that you hold on to, and hold on to, and hold on to. Well no longer says I. This week I have had a massive clear out. I have been one for keeping every scrap of evidence of a memory. Just in case.

Have you ever seen Everything is Illuminated with Elijah Wood? I was heading in that direction ...

(For those of you who haven't seen it, he keeps everything related to a memory in a little plastic bag and sticks it to his wall ... teeth, hair, sand, food ... )

So yes.

It really is a great feeling to clear out. And also you might just find some gems too! (Not the point I know but anyway.)

For years now I have had a white wooden cupboard as my bedside table. I was one of those very old singer sewing machine 'houses', where the machine was built into the actual framework. It was a bit clunky and I have wanted to get rid of it for ages, but it's a singer sewing machine says I! That's against everything I live for! Sort of. Anyway, after about 6 years of wondering what to do, I realised I could just simply unscrew the machine from it's prison and throw away it's shackles. And just look at the beauty that was released ...

And all that time hidden away. Sinful. Look at this little beauty.

I just need to find a home for her now. Somewhere on show I think. She certainly deserves it.

I also found a wonderful Billie Holiday tape cassette that my mother used to play in the car when we were younger. Fantastic.

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