Saturday, November 21, 2009

a couple of things

I purchased a new lamp. It is mainly a bedside one but I have been carrying it around from room to room when detailed work is required. Isn't it pretty?

(Habitat £19)

They also had some other colours too, but I liked the brightness of the yellow. It's a nice take on the vintage design.

Also, along with the singer machine I rescued there was a little booklet - "Instructions for using ... For Family Use".

I opened it up and couldn't quite believe it, HOW on earth did they get a picture of ME sewing??

hee hee. The question at the top reads "HAVE YOU seen THE SINGER WAY TO SEW BY ELECTRICITY?" It was published in Nov 1926.
Another quote - "After dark the Electric Singerlight throws its light just where it is needed ... Prevents eyestrain and fatigue; saves time and annoyance when threading the needle". I couldn't quite imagine that lady getting annoyed. It's the quiet ones that need to be watched though.

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