Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why travel when you can sit?

So ... I was just looking on the world wide web today and I stumbled upon a very trendy Russian website. Upon said site I found the most amazing things I think I have ever seen. Unreal. I mean I can't quite believe they exist and, I want one (all) of them.

Deep breath.

Numero 1. Suitcase chairs! Suitcase. Chairs. How clever is that? And such beautiful colours too.

Numero 2. Oh my lordy. HOW beautiful is this? I mean I can't even fathom the beauty. That fabric is adorable.

Numero 3. Vintage suitcases? Check. Love? Check. Made into adorable stools? ... Oh my goodness it's officially Christmas inside my heart.

Numero 4. I hope you are still there and have not collapsed due to amount of beauty. A gorgeous vintage case made into a vanity cabinet! Genius!

So there you have it.

I know. Enough said.

Me xxx

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