Friday, April 23, 2010

oh my heart

"lola" shoes from Toast

may I please look like her too whilst wearing them?

I want to move into the toast catalogue 
what a life of perfection 

me xxx

Love You

sometimes my mind takes dives, deep dives

you need to combat that with something polar

this song is a good one for that

bizarrely I heard it on an advert, for a car! 
from the dark pits it takes you by the hand to show you the sunshine

me xxx


sometimes I just have an insatiable craving for chocolate
I have to have it

Today I spied this fantastic chocolate company in Avoca.

I haven't actually tasted it, but if the packaging is anything to go by ... 


me xxx

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

fanciful friends

I'd like to make best friends with all the cool people featured on Backyard Bill

I'd invite them to a dinner party and treat them really nicely.

We'd laugh, we'd dance and oh, just have a great old hoot of a time.

Me xxx

legs eleven

I know, I know. It's not even nearly time to get your legs out.
Well not really in my book anyway.
In the recent sunshine I have seen some pins out and about AND I have spied a few nice little summer shorts that have got me daydreaming.

I must admit that even when it is sunny and warm I am hesitant about being bare legged. It's the milk bottle white shade and the fact that my legs look like those of an eight year old boy that put me off. Also I have never quite got the hang of faking a tan. But maybe, just maybe, this summer will be different ... I have 3 months to talk myself around. And I suppose I could do some squats or something ... ha.

(american apparel bloomers)

(asos horse play... not those silly boots though)

(3 cuties from topshop)

(a little gem from topman - they do little sizes too)

Or maybe I could just get this jumper suit from American Apparel which still covers a good bit of the leg ...

Oh sunshine, please maybe could you make an appearance ... soonish?

Me xxx

film numero 3: PARTIR

Three French films in three days?
Yeah. I know.

Kristin Scott Thomas shines in this 'very French' film about a bourgeois married woman who falls in love with another man (her Spanish builder). There are some predictable elements in the storyline, but the performances really keep you captivated. Scott Thomas is brilliant as the woman hopelessly, desperately in love. A passion that turns close to obsession as she gives up everything to be with her lover. 

Oh and the sex scenes, well, they're pretty INTENSE. 

I give it ***

Me xxx

Old School Glamour

Isn't this so lovely?

I didn't think it was possible to fall in love with a hair dryer. But then I don't know so much about love these days it seems ...

The mini Corioliss dryer apparently "not only dries and sets your hair, but also makes sure that you look like a veteran Hollywood star".

Wow wee!

Me xxx

Monday, April 19, 2010

film numero 2: LA DANSE

Documentarian Frederick Wiseman takes his camera to Paris, observing a few critical weeks in the life of The Paris Opera Ballet company as they prepare for a new season of dance. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
There is minimal information, no interviews, no names or ranks and no artificial dramatic demands.
The approach allows the viewer to examine the company purely as a 'fly on the wall'.

Is it too late for me to be a beautiful French ballerina living in Paris?


me xxx

film numero 1: MIA ET LE MIGOU

A beautiful French animation from Jacques-Remy Girard.
It really is a breath takingly gorgeous work of art. The figures are outlined in pencil and then washed with rustic water colours. The whole piece is like a painting brought to life.
"The story is an eco-adventure that pits a plucky, wild haired young heroine Mia against profit-hungry capitalists, with the future of life on earth in the balance."


me xxx


A good thing about being in a 'new' city is that you are forced to find out what's happening what's occuring what's going down. Having lived in London for a grand total of 8 years now, I do have to remind myself to try new things and visit new places, and being elsewhere, you don't have much choice. 

My work here in Belfast has happily coincided with the city's Film Festival

The cinema has been the place where we have explored our dreams,
met our loves and in the darkest of times
been offered a light of hope.

Brian Henry Martin
Festival Chairman

There is a fantastic line up of new Irish cinema, world cinema, animation, documentaries, dialogues, short films and classics as well. I began to mark all the films that I wanted to see and it turns out I have to go to the cinema every day, some times twice a day ... might not be so practical, but I am hoping to fit in as many as possible!

Me xxx


a case of the mean reds

You know those days when you get the mean reds?

The mean reds, you mean like the blues?

No. The blues are because you're getting fat, and maybe its been raining too long, you're just sad that's all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you're afraid, and you don't know what you're afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?

The only remedy?

Buy a big massive f off magazine (i.e. 336 pages) (even though you haven't finished this month's Vogue ...)

and also maybe get a pair of black and gold pumps that have been reduced to an affordable price

and finally a pair of earrings that give the impression of being cute and happy, not angry and sad

me xxx

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

enter a new world

As research into the world and atmosphere of the play I am working on at the moment, the director brought in the most wonderful book of Gregory Crewdson photography. Crewdson is an American photographer who is best known for his elaborately staged, surreal scenes of American homes and neighborhoods. 

Utterly mesmirising.

As I poured over the pages, I realised that this was not our first encounter. I had bought a postcard of one of his prints some time ago, but never realised who he was, or had any idea of his extensive work.

Here are a few examples, but I do urge you to investigate further...

They are both beautiful and terrifying all at once. Somehow I am reminded of films like The Virgin Suicides and American Beauty. The eeriness of suburbia. I love how they almost look like intricate paintings rather than photographs too. Wow. 

Me xxx

Sunday, April 11, 2010

vintage secrets

The sun has actually popped out from behind the Irish clouds these past couple of days.
An unusual occurance I can assure you. 

I really longed to catch the bus to Spitalfields or Brick Lane or Columbia Road :(

Where are the markets full of vintage beauty in Belfast?

I was standing outside the stunning Queens University waiting for a chum

and there beside me, a poster ...

alas, I had missed it today, but it filled me with the hope of discovering other little Belfast secrets.

Me xxx

Electro blossoms

Who would have thunk it?

It's not when I'm in the hotpot of Lahhndahhn taahhn that I get to see my chum in his amazing band
Chew Lips 

Belfast is fast turning into the town to be seen in ...

Do yourself a massive favour and BUY this album. Seriously.

They were amazing. Truly.

Tigs the (phenomenal) singer is definitely one to watch in the style stakes too ...

A beauty.

Me xxx

A Change'll do you good

And so here I am.
I find myself in the motherland.
I am back in Belfast for 6 whole weeks working on a new theatre project.

You'd think I'd be delighted at the opportunity, but no. Terrified.

Change eh? Friend and foe.

And then I popped into the lovely Belfast Coffee Shop chain Clements, and this is what is on the counter ...

hee hee

A bit of Belfast humour. It made me laugh, and yes,
relax a little.

Me xxx

Friday, April 2, 2010

the box the view the shoe

It would have been a little unfair to keep this amazing shoe shop all to myself. 
But I must admit, I really did consider not telling anyone exactly where I got these little babies from.
I do have quite the selfish streak. So sue me.

the box

the view

the shoe

i'm in love

me xxx

laugh out loud

Red Head is often using our living room for photo shoots now. Which is quite fun. I have become her very eager assistant. We have since discovered that I am extremely talented with a reflector! If I do say so myself. 
Who would have thunk it. 

Something else we discovered is that I can whip up a couple of comedy moustaches from black card in a matter of minutes. An entirely useless life skill for many, but for me, very exciting.

 hey presto ...



Funny times

Please check out their website for sketch footage and gig info. They will be providing many a laugh at The Edinburgh Festival this August.

me xxx