Saturday, May 29, 2010

a lil more Lille

me xxx


me xxx

ps thanks to BlondeHead pour introducing me to this beauty

lovely Lille

Sometimes being an actor means you just might find yourself in the odd random situation. 

Like sitting on the Eurostar on your way to Lille with three others that you don't really know but who you have shared some of you most intimate emotions with in a rehearsal room earlier that day. 

We were destined for La Virgule theatre to do a rehearsed play reading as part of a European festival that they were running. 

And what a real treat indeed. Everyone was so welcoming, so accommodating and so beautifully French!

Ah, to be French. I can but dream ...

A few photos from my jaunt:

a couple more to come ...

me xxx

Friday, May 21, 2010

The sun hit London town today.
And, after quite some time of deathly silence, inspiration hit me.

I have been struggling on empty for the past couple of weeks.
On a number of occasions I have sat down with my materials, only to pack them all away some moments later.

My heart and soul have been experiencing a lot of turmoil recently and instead of filling me with angry passion, I have just been in full hibernation. 

Empty. Scared.

I should have been lying in a park somewhere but I couldn't face the prospect of being alone with those thoughts of mine. 
Not another day of that, please.

I sat at my table ...

and I began by watching this:

and then I also listened to some Joanna Newsom and Tom Petty

and, hey presto, I made 8 cards. Ones what I feel proud of.

It feels a tiny bit better to be inside my head. 

every baby step counts I suppose

me xxx 

Monday, May 17, 2010

hope sandoval

Bush Hall ... next Tuesday ... I cannot wait ...

me xxx

Should I try to hide

The way I feel inside
My heart for you?
Would you say that you
Would try to love me too?
In your mind could you ever be
Really close to me?
I can tell the way you smile
If I feel that I could be certain then
I would say the things
I want to say tonight

But till I can see
That you'd really care for me
I will dream that someday you'll be
Really close to me
I can tell the way you smile
If I feel that I could be certain then
I would say the things
I want to say tonight

But till I can see
That you'd really care for me
I'll keep trying to hide
The way I feel inside

The Zombies

me xxx

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bird News (parts 1 - 3)

I am sure it is quite unnecessary to remind you that I LOVE BIRDS, 
I mean, they do tend to feature quite a bit on HAWK and fallow ... 
but I have noticed them appearing just about everywhere recently. 
And that is strange coming from me.

I have even had to break this post down into THREE parts, yes THREE, just to get through the backlog of BIRD NEWS.


Some beautiful bird motif gardening tools, tape measures, 'handy' torches, picture frames. 
You name it. 
Both in pink or yellow.

Even though my 'garden' is one window box, I would just like to own these. The torch would be for checking flower growing progress ... at night. Obviously.
(sorry pictures are so small - look on the habitat website for better quality)


Birthday Gladness

Blondie bestowed upon me the most wonderful gift in celebration of my birth. 
And, you guessed correctly, it involved a bird.

A wonderfully shaped glass bottle with a bird cork on top!

Isn't he handsome?

he is my new best friend.

I'm not sure what I will keep in the bottle as yet.
Perhaps I will whisper secrets into it and quickly cork it so as not to let them escape.

The company who makes them is Heaven Sends. They don't seem to have their own website but some of their products can be found online.

Thankings Blondie!


I have mentioned before the Irish shop Avoca and all it's glorious wonders.
Whilst in Ireland I do find myself wandering in there most days. I never tire of the beauty.

As a little present to myself, for being me, I purchased these postcards.
They came in the most pretty tin which will definitely have a life of its very own long after all the cards have been sent.

Inside, there are 18 postcards with 6 different designs:

 They make my heart so glad. I might even send myself one.

I sent my first one off this morning. As they are postcards, they obviously don't come with envelopes but I just fashioned one out of a page from a magazine.

Their website it a haven of colour and beauty, and I have discovered they too have a blog. Definitely worth some serious bird watching investigation.

So there you have it. 
Bird News.
Up. To. Date.

me xxx

I'd like to see this

me xxx

paper cuts

I discovered this beautiful children's book in Anthropology today.
I wanted it for my very own.

Each beautiful image by Nikki McClure is delicately and painstakingly cut from a single piece of black paper using an x-acto knife. 
Sort of a Rob Ryan affair.

what talent and beauty

me xxx


I had an ill advised snoop around Dover Street Market today.
Wow wee.
Beautiful and yes, obviously, pretty pricey.

One thing I was reminded of however is that I just L.O.V.E. Lanvin Clothing. 

Just too beautiful

me xxx

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

bowled over

My Grandfather was a keen Bowls player. Visiting their house the other day, I saw this most beautiful case housing two pristine bowls.
They did not belong to my Grandfather, but a friend, obviously with the initials H.B., and we reckon they are probably a good fifty years old. 



I don't know why, but there is just something so beautiful about them to me. 
How neat and clean and well kept they are. 
And the history of the hands that treasured them so.

Me xxx

winter wonderland wakes

The last time I posted about my parents garden, 
it was covered in snow and very sleepy indeed.

What a difference a few months make ... 
and look what I spied hiding between the boughs
a very well feathered nest

me xxx

sometimes I wonder

Yesterday I said "sorry" out loud to a snail on the pavement

me xxx

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

days like these

Belfast Blossom 

Belfast Toes in the (mostly unseen) Belfast Sun
In a couple of days these very toes will be back in London.

What awaits them there?

I literally have no clue.
Me xxx

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dozey Dotes

  The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost 

 Is there anything nicer than climbing into the crisp, clean sheets of a freshly made bed? 

No, says 'the twin' sitting beside me. She has lovely sheets and bed linen in her house. All matching. I mean she actually irons her sheets. I wouldn't be bothered with that, but it sure is a nice treat to stay with someone who does.

I have been scouring the www for some dream sheets to lay me down and doze ...

Anthropologie (Watercolour Aviary Bedding)

Zara Home have some real colourful treats ... 

as well as a few more serene options ...

And the 'oh! I can but dream' option, the ever TODIEFOR

not that I have any sleep issues ever, but can you just imagine the dreams you'd have cuddled up in those beauties ...

me xxx