Thursday, September 15, 2011

oh to be glamorous

If I could, I would.
Every single day.

These clothes make my heart ache.

Ulyana Sergeenko's collection


me xxx

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

theatrical property

On Saturday I was making my way through the theatre 
to my dressing room,
when I spied the door to the prop store was slightly ajar ... 

I was a little like a child left alone in a sweet shop

I love the fact that each of these items have had so many lives.

The lives with their many owners,
and then a life in the theatre - being part of sets of every era,
owned by many characters, seen by many audiences.

So much history and so many stories,
I love that carry on 

me xxx

Sunday, September 4, 2011

getting away from my roots

at the ripe old age of twenty eight,
I have never, ever dyed my hair.
no real reason, I just never really wanted to.
 I did once think about grey, for a day, but decided against it

For the play I am rehearsing a la moment, 
I have gone mahogany.

All I needed was the excuse.


I think I like it. 

Strange looking at myself in the mirror though
 Stranger than usual that is ... 

I wonder if it will make me seem like a different person
to those who don't know me. 
Will I appear as something that I haven't been before? 

me xxx

to be adored

delicious photographs from 
the tba lookbook

(thanks miss moss for the tip off)

me xxx

shake your tail feather

I love this article ...
(via BUST)

"Apparently, zebra finches (above) understand 
that it's not about the coloring or the shape 
of a potential mate's tail feather, but how one shakes it. 

A research conducted by a team from University of Exeter, Carleton University, Royal Veterinary College, and University of London has found that adventurous female zebra finches choose mates with similar personalities, regardless of the birds' size or physical features. This is the first study to show that the non-sexual behavior or personalities of both mates influences partner choice in non-humans.

By setting up behavioral tests for more than 150 zebra finches, the team discovered that females who are willing to explore new environments are more likely to spend time with similarly outgoing and confident males. In the experiment, each female watched a pair of brothers exploring strange cages, one of which was made to look less exploratory by restraining it in an invisible box. The females were then put together with the brothers, where the team observed which male the females were more likely to favor. While the more adventurous female finches preferred the bold male birds, the less exploratory females didn't show a preference for either.

Team leader, Dr. Sasha Dall of the University of Exeter said: "This is strong evidence that females care about the apparent personality of their male independently of his appearance. We have the first evidence that it is important for partners to have compatible personalities in the mating game. This is something we would probably all agree is the case for humans but which has been overlooked for other species."

Birds of a feather do flock together. Though the feather in question doesn't seem to matter too much."
me xxx