Sunday, March 28, 2010

mad market men

I love how market stall men aggressively shout really generous offers in your face


Ok! Ok! take my money!

a bunch for each bedroom

and that little one that fell off ... he won't go to waste

they look so perfect that they don't quite seem real

me xxx

columbia road

With said spring, I ventured to a heaving Columbia Road to meet Jive Chum for some flower purchasing

I grew up on the edge of a forest, and my parents have a beautiful garden 

My garden, however ...

is ... a box ... with dead flowers. They used to be luscious green and floral white. But now, brown.

Time for a change I thought ...

and look!

so much better

can't wait to watch them grow,
that's a process full of hope non?

me xxx

smiles on my soles

Sometimes, the simple things make my heart a bit happy

like rolling up my jeans and wearing turquoise socks with bright white trainers

I had a bit of a spring in my step. Or maybe a bit of Spring in my step. 

me xxx 

Friday, March 26, 2010

quite the timely coincidence

I had planned to reveal a relatively new purchase of mine this eve 
(right after I ate my GU Hot Chocolate Souffle) 
when my ear was caught by none other than, Stephen Fry. 

He was on the television, not actually in my living room. 

He was talking about a lady named, Ruth Belville

"Between 1836 and 1940, Ruth Belville carried around the city a pocket watch certified weekly at Greenwich Observatory as correct to within a 10th of a second.

Clients checked their timepieces against the Belvilles' silver "chronometer", which was called Arnold after its maker, and paid for the privilege.

Such was the reliability of Ruth Belville and Arnold as distributors of GMT that competition from the electric signals of the Standard Time Company could not put them out of business, despite a "dirty tricks" campaign, through lecture halls and newspapers, to undermine Ruth's old-fashioned practice ..."

What an amazing tale ... What an amazing woman.

And quite the amazing coincidence, considering I was going to show you this ...

My very own Arnold! 

I apologise for the bad photo quality, but the painting is of three deer. 
Of course ...

and, it's fully functioning too.

I bought it at the little market outside Hampstead Theatre and Swiss Cottage tube. It is a farmers market on Wednesday but on Saturday it also has other stalls with jewellery. Worth a little look. Maybe even for a butter lemon sugar crepe treat too ... 

Me xxx

Thursday, March 25, 2010

he said the heart is just an organ

I wish that, in my heart, I felt like this

and not so much of this 

me xxx

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

mmm ...

Thinking about childhood books I was reminded of my absolute favourite 

Milly Molly Mandy

... how even just that name cheers my heart

The illustrations are just so simple and beautiful.

When I was looking the books up on line for some images I made a strange link ... An etsy store that used to be called Milly Molly Mandy but is now Belle and Boo. The funny thing is I recently bought a couple of their most beautiful postcards in Paperchase and have been meaning to feature them! So two birds an all that ...

Illustrators are so talented. I wish I could draw beautifully.
Me xxx

Monday, March 22, 2010

ah those were the days

when I was at home I also found these gorgeous little gems

childhood memories aflooding back


and this little number ... which was my beautiful mother's when she was a little one. It is held together very delicately with some ageing cellotape.  

books can never quite have the glory as when you are a child

sometimes I'd like to go back there, maybe just for a day. Or two.

Me xxx

rosey posey

can't quite afford an impressive bunch of flowers from some posho florists?
never fear ...

Why not: 
buy three much cheaper bunches of flowers from a leading supermarket 
release them from their nasty plastic packaging 
de-leaf them a bit 
arrange them in a nice fashion
pick up a free newspaper and use a page to wrap them up
fasten with a nice bit of gold ribbon hanging from your bookshelf

hey presto, Bob is actually your uncle:

a lovely gift (if I do say so myself)

total cost: six of your gold coins

me xxx

Sunday, March 21, 2010

pink to make the boys wink

On the opening night of the play all those many, many weeks ago, my partner in stage-crime (the Scottish Dolly Parton) gave me this wonderful little present
Charbonnel et Walker
Pink Marc de Champagne Bar
(a pink coloured bar filled with a Marc de Champagne truffle centre)

I can confirm that this might just be the most delicious bar of chocolate I have ever munched upon. I managed to resist eating it for about a month and now there is only a bite left. What a treat! I do love the little boxes of truffles they do too. 

Obviously not for every day eating but maybe just for special jours.

Oops, last bite gone.

Me xxx

Saturday, March 20, 2010

i am so attracted to you

Look at these three wooden magnets I bought in Habitat

Love them like they are actual pets.

Me xxx 


if you are having difficulty with the site then you can watch the film in three parts on youtube x

robotic love

Do yourself a little favour and click on the link above to watch Spike Jonze's short film (30mins) for Absolut Vodka. It made its debut at Sundance and tells the story of a romance between two robots in L.A.

The film seems to start every hour and I think only a limited number of people can watch each showing. Enjoy ...

Me xxx

Mama inspiration

When I spend time back home it's quite obvious who has been my inspiration when it comes to interiors ... 

 a vintage hanging bathroom tidy. The tiles are so gorgeous too aren't they? I'd say they'd be a pretty price if you wanted to fit them now, I think they have been there since the 70s ...

we have had this bread bin for as long as I can remember ...

even the milk, butter, jam and salt&pepper have such beautiful homes

I love this collection of jugs. I love the clash of patterns and explosion of colours. You can catch a glimpse of the homemade curtains in the top corners too ... 

 I was very tempted to smuggle this jug home ...and if only I could describe the fragrance of those daffodils. Amazing.

It is such a privilege to have someone still so influential in my life, who I respect and love entirely.

Me xxx 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a little indulgent treat

So we needed to get away. 
Away from distractions and smog and work and others. 
Where in the world is better but home. 

A nice little hide away on the most beautiful Antrim coast, 

We were treated like King and Queen. Only right, says I. Lovely friendly staff, a massive humungous bed and a perfectly placed large flat screen tv, heehee.
And the spacious bathroom was nicely stocked with Co Bigelow products. Tick! 

I fell in love with the lavender and peppermint body lotion. My skin is very moisturised!

Not that you really want to leave your room, but if you do, you can always curl up by the fireside with a book (or script that you need to prepare for an audition!)Toasty toasty. Just remember there are other guests in the hotel!!

Everywhere you turn there are lovely little cosy details, stacks of books, vintage suitcases piled high, tins and bottles and all those things we love. 

The food was delicious. For our evening meal, I opted for the locally caught sea bream, on a bed of roasted red pepper, sun blushed tomato, and rocket, with a drizzle of basil oil. And of course some garlic potatoes. One must have one's potatoes when one is in Ireland. Too full up for for dessert? Non. Not moi. Sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce and fresh cream. Oh and then a latte.    

We didn't want to leave. We really did not. 
But alas, we had no choice.

But there is always the beach. Ok, ok, so it's never going to be bikinis and ice cream ... Not in the north of Ireland. More like coats and scarves and hats. Oh and note to self, converse trainers invite sand in. They invite it in and give it a cup of tea. And a biscuit. 

The never ending Atlantic Ocean. 
Ah, space and freedom. We need that in our lives and sometimes it does not come naturally. But it's essential. 

I wanted to visit Dunluce Castle. A real castle. So beautiful. Just imagining the banquets and wars and love stories. I felt a little like a child exploring. We even found a secret cave ... 


It did sort of feel like the beginning of a horror film ... And I was paranoid that the tide would suddenly come in and we would be lost forever. Luckily these things did not happen. Of course. 

Sea side towns have a particular type of glamour don't they? I mean, glamour is really not the right word. Perhaps charm is more appropriate. I couldn't live there but I love the garish amusements, the seafront houses and their colours, the fact that every second shop is a fish and chip shop! You might have thought I had eaten enough to do me for a week or two, but the sea air sure makes you hungry ...

Yes, that's just one person's portion. Didn't quite clean the plate. I mean I kept eating (and eating)but the amount of food left didn't seem to change. 

Some kind of seaside magic? 

Me xxx

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Don't waste any food ok?

You know when you drop a bit of food, I thought it was the "30 second rule" as in "don't worry, you've got 30 seconds to pick it up", but actually apparently it's the "3 second rule". Oops. 

Me xxx

oh deer

It has been some time non?

My fault entirely. 

I have found the work / blog balance a difficult one ... Work can be all consuming in mind, body and soul. And also my heart has been consumed recently, a little boat on big uncontrollable waves in an unfamiliar sea. So I suppose I have had my head down.

I keep seeing images and visiting places that I think "must share, must share" and then time trickles by. Sorry about that. 

Anyway I am back ok? 

me xxx

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hetty and Henry

I lose my head
From time to time

I make a fool of myself
In matters of the heart 

We should have been holding each other
Instead we talked
I make a fool of myself
In matters of the heart 

But I asked before
Your reply was kind and polite
One wants more
When one's denied
I make a fool of myself
In matters of the heart 

I won't call it love
But it feels good to have passion in my life
If there's a battle
I hope my head always defers to my heart
In matters of the heart 

I guess I'm crazy to think
I can give you what you don't want
I make a fool of myself
In matters of the heart 

I wish that I had the power
To make these feelings stop
I lose all self control
In matters of the heart

I can't believe
It's so hard to find someone
To give affection to
And from whom you can receive
I guess it's just the draw of the cards
In matters of the heart 

You caught me off guard
Somehow you reached me
Where I thought I had nothing left inside
I've learned my lesson I've been edified
In matters of the heart 

I've spent my nights
Where the sleeping dogs lie
Not by your side
It feels so lonely
Once again I've left to much to chance
In matters of the heart 

Here I sit
I'm feeling sorry for myself
It's quite a sight
But I have you to thank
For reminding me
We're all alone in this world
And in matters of the heart 

I'm already missing you
Although we won't say good-byes
Until tomorrow afternoon
Maybe when and if I see you again
We'll see eye to eye
In matters of the heart 

I have no harsh words for you
I have no tears to cry
If the moon were full
I'd be howling inside
It only hurts
In matters of the heart 

If today were my birthday
I'd be reborn
As Bronte's bird a bird that could fly
And all accounts would be settled
In matters of the heart 

Tracy Chapman

Me xxx