Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Falling in love again ...

So, yes, this is my first Hawk and Fallow blog entry. I think it only polite to welcome the reader, of course, but I am also reluctant to drag that out too much. So how about we just pretend we have always been friends. Soon we will find it hard to imagine a life without one another like all good friends do.

Today was my first proper day back in London having been away for a little while. Oh London. The buses are red (I forgot! How could I forget a thing like that??!)and the people are sharp.

Arm in arm with my red head, red lipped chum, we headed to
The Photographers' Gallery for the Jim Goldberg : Open See exhibition. The series of photographs document "the experiences of people who travel from war torn, socially and economically devastated countries ... in search of stability and the promise of a better future".

The combination of images and words conveyed so many personal and intimate experiences and stories. I found it quite moving but never forced or contrived. I recommend. It's showing until 17th January, so you've still got a bit of time.

(sorry need to work out the (probably obvious) way to include a photo ... I'm a wanderer in these parts)

We were a bit peckish. I had imagined that we would have a slice of yummy cake at the gallery, but as fate had it my sister phoned. We were thus directed to a nearby delight called Nordic Bakery. Hmmm. Hot cinnamon buns anyone? So big that you have to wrap up the leftovers and pop in your bag for later?

Red head chum did suggest sharing ... but I of course laughed scornfully at such a silly idea. Aye aye aye. Having done this and drunk a delicious latte, I realised that today's menu had been a coffee and pain au raisin for breakfast and a coffee and bun for lunch. Sugar rush ah hoy. No wonder London looked so brilliant!
Enough culture and fun for one day you say?
Oh no! Not us!
Sugar fuelled we headed to The National Portrait Gallery.
(Of course we did) Red head wanted to look at the 2009 Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition. So I accompanied. Wow wee. Some amazing photographs. Even more time to see this, it finishes on the 14th February 2009.

And ... (finally) home. Home sweet home. (Via one of those red buses).

Being away I had forgotten how colourful the flat is and am seeing it all with fresh eyes. I will be showing you too in the days to come, but sure we've our whole lives ahead of us, what's the rush?

Me xxx

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  1. congrats on your first entry, welcome to the blogging world!! I look forward to many more.