Sunday, January 31, 2010

a light in the dark, dark night

There is something that excites my heart to a large degree when I see a Chinese lantern* 

Last night as I was in bed, reading and listening to the radio, she floated right past my window and across the park. Where did she come from? I do not know. But to me, it was a symbol of bravery and freedom. And they are essential qualities to be reminded of.

Me xxx

*(Not that I am always seeing them ... perhaps that's why it is so exciting when I do ... and I will make the confession that after my first sighting, I was convinced I had seen a UFO. Convinced.)

delicate mayhem

Following a market trip I often return home with many a colourful business card in my pocket. Sadly, and shamefully, I am quite bad at actually looking them up. 

This time I did and I am so glad ... 

Laura Jordan is a fantastic artist. I have been trying to think of alternative words to describe her work, but 'delicate' and 'mayhem' are just the best!

Aren't they wonderful?

On the Delicate Mayhem website there is a Fairyland Gift Shop with cards and prints to purchase. 

I happen to personally know a Vintage Fairy whose birthday isn't that far away ...

Me xxx

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I bought you a small present.

'Mother', the August 1949 issue (ninepence). 
Exactly 60 years before the birth of the pixie parcel.

There are 130 pages of sheer goodness, it was difficult to choose examples ... 

A little blurry ... "It's safe to say TODDILOX does curl baby's hair ...
absolutely safe to use, harmless to the most delicate scalp. Yet it acts like magic when used for a short time - makes curls grow where none would grow before."

Firstly, no way. Secondly, no.

Chosen purely for 'alarm factor'

"Gay Days for Mary ... she's always out and about.
Thanks to Knights Castle Complexion Soap"

I could do with a bit of that I think.

Me xxx

I am the Way, The Truth ...

... and the Green Lamp ... 

me x

some days ...

I desperately wish I had a set of fine wings to fly away
 maybe never to return
today is one of those days

I discovered John Dilnot through Shelf a little time ago. I love his bird boxes so much. Unfortunately my pennies cannot stretch to an actual purchase a la moment, but I can gaze and I can desire.

Over Dover £280

Over Brighton £280

To The Forest £320

Moth Collection (no longer for sale)


Me xxx

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

they should be wrong ...

... but they just feel so right ... 

A steal from H&M for £14.99

Me xxx

everyday surrounding beauty

The beauty of juxtaposition 

Both bunches of roses were bought for me by my knight, and together they make a beautiful pair.

 ... Captured by my immensely talented flatmate mentioned previously 

Me xxx

Saturday, January 16, 2010

riding along on my ...

I really, really want a bicycle. There are a couple of reasons as to why I maybe should not have one, but, still my heart desires. Hopefully the weather will start turning fresh and spring-like soon (wishful thinking) and I would love to get about on two wheels. But what would I go for?

Something a little unusual ...

or perhaps a little more classic 

Loving the colour. A flash of beauty along a grey street. This photo was sourced from a blog taking pictures of bikes in Amsterdam, the cyclist's heaven. I don't think I have ever felt so free and happy as when I have been in Holland visiting my beautiful Aunt. Cycling everywhere and laughing and toppling into one another!

Amongst all the cycling paraphernalia that one would require, the two important things are a helmet, of course, and a basket. 

I am a believer that helmets are an absolute must. AND I have seen some nice ones. London Cycle Chic is both a fantastic blog and source for all things cycle. They have featured many a helmet and I liked the look of these beauties ... 

Bern Muse £39.99

Bern Watt £39.99

What if I was just to wear these as hats day to day? Would that be allowed?

And then an object carrier. Fresh vegetables, flowers, a baguette, some toilet roll ... 

One can go for the classic basket up front:

The Big Mamma - Wicker Basket £26.99

or how about this ...

Delicious! Deluxe Shopper Pannier £40. It clips onto your backrack.

I just love this too:

Vintage Style Box Bag £30

So, I can dream I suppose. And sometimes dreams can come true ... Perhaps even for an approaching birthday. It would certainly be enough time to save up. Hmmm ...

Me xxx

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a bit too much excitement you say? no, no

So, 'The Paris Rock Club'. Well. Not quite "taking the dance floor by storm" exactly ... Is it worrying that the male teacher kept reminding me that "MEN lead and ladies FOLLOW"? Am I dance floor bully? I do hope not. Just ... enthusiastic ... I was a bit worried that I would get lost by 'step 3' of the routine but it is well paced, relaxed and most importantly, a bit of a laugh. I will definitely be attending next weeks class.

As a reward for the above hardcore workout, Jive chum (as she shall be known from here on in) and I popped around the corner to our favourite eatery,
Oh yum, yum, yum. They serve the most delicious "modern thai food" in a simple but ambient environment.

The name and red exterior always make me think 'Italian' but ... well ... no. Thai. The portions are just right and well priced. Service is prompt and yet you never feel rushed. All in all, I recommend. The only drawback? No desserts. I know. But no fear, we are in Spitalfields, the land of the eateries!

Now, here in lies a bit of a moral dilemma. The renovation of the market has made me quite forlorn. It has suddenly become a bit of a flashy lego land, has it not? I mean there is a block of restaurants literally stacked on top of one another. It's a bit too much. And I say all this and yet Jive and I wandered in, in search of ice cream. Is that a bit wrong? I should probably refuse to eat in any of those establishments and hold fast to the communist seed planted two generations ago in the heart of a most honorable man. But, alas, I did not.

So anyway.
Canteen. Stepping through a thick rich red velvet curtain, I sort of felt a bit special. As the name would suggest, they have opted for simplicity in their interior design but it is all so stylish, clean and sharp. I particularly loved their chairs. A nice take on an old classic.

And the dessert?

We both opted for Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream and Shortbread. Uh huh. DElicious. And I know my ice cream.

A bit of a treat all this ... but then isn't that what Tuesday evenings are all about?

Me xxx

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jive Bunny ... I think ...

A very quick post this afternoon to share my brewing excitement. I am attending a Rock 'n Roll dance class with a chum tonight. I have all sorts of fantasies as to what might happen. Mostly they involve me being instantly brilliant and taking the dance floor by storm. Hmmm.

Me xxx

Sunday, January 10, 2010

With some time to pass before a music rehearsal, the Gaelic Islander and I had a mosey around Shoreditch. I had often passed SCP, the shop on Curtain Road, but always at an ungodly hour and so had never ventured across its threshold. Well, what delights awaited us! And to top it all off, there was a sale!

An impressive array furniture, lighting, glassware, knitwear, cushions and throws, and a lovely little section at the back of wonderful toys.

Nos Da by Donna Wilson (£280.98 ... eek)

Bed Socks, also by Donna Wilson (£24.51)

But my favourite section was of course the toys ... Being actually 12 years old in my heart of hearts.

I knew I was destined to buy one thing and, personally, I think I chose wisely and well. Will I ever cut out the clothes and dress them in different outfits each day? Well, who knows what my spare time is taken up with ...

"12 Jolies planches a decouper pour les Filles et les Garcons"

Follow the link to his bizarre and wonderful website full of games, gifts and stationery.

Me xxx

a land within a living room

Sometimes, because you live with someone who is studying photography, you may enter your living room and find a man-made fort.

A magical land of boxes, lights, birds and butterflies.

I was very happy to see that my personal collection of said animals had made their way into the shoot. I tried to add tea cups etc but red head said that was a bit much.

These two pictures feature the amazing series of books I inherited a few years ago with titles such as "The Metalsmiths", "The Neanderthals" and "The First Farmers".

Red Head also has a lovely photography blog which I heartedly recommend called 'toomanydinosaurs'

(a paper feather head dress worn by fort owner)

Me xxx

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ring out the bells!

Oh! And a Happy New Year to you! What? Five days late? Oh don't be so particular.

And here I am back in The Big Smoke. It is very cold. Very, very.

Last week I commenced rehearsals on a new theatre project. Quite exciting indeed. I will fill you in on the details closer to the opening date.

This is just a brief hello, sorry.

Coming attractions ...

New Years ideas and dreams
Forts in my living rooms
A lovely shoreditch shop
Our next fair (!!!)

Lovingtons xxx