Wednesday, December 23, 2009

one more sleeps

A couple more sprinkles of beauty ...

Each corner of the garden houses another delight xxx

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I love Ice Cream

Mathar and I have been sorting out lists upon lists of food and dinners and, my favourite, desserts for the Christmas week. I wanted to share a lovely little treat we made last eve (I am kicking myself for the lack of photos, I do apologise).

Firstly, may I just say : I love ice cream. I mean, I really really love it. This recipe is a little tasty Christmas twist on a personal favourite.

(apparently the alternative to steamed pudding, but I am all for both together!!!)

serves 6-8

2 tablespoons golden syrup
50g caster sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla essence
1 tablespoon cognac
100g sweet mincemeat
100g mascarpone or cream cheese
100g dried cranberries
1 teaspoon cinnamon (sifted)
2 litres good quality vanilla ice cream

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl except the ice cream and mix well until evenly distributed. Add the frozen ice cream straight from the freezer, crushing and folding it into the mixture to create a rippled effect. Refreeze for a minimum of 4 hours.

Easy. Easy. Easy.
De. Lic. Ious.

me xxx

Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Coming home. Coming home to yourself. Back to your land and roots. Perhaps there can be nothing better.

For some reason I haven't really caught the Christmas bug so far this year. Quite frustrating as this is usually my most favourite page of the calendar.

Last eve I flew home from the big smoke to the small winding country lanes of home. Snow! Everywhere! Arriving in late I had to wait until morning to fully appreciate the sheer beauty that was surrounding the cottage ...

Over the hedge at the back of my parents garden lies a 30 acre deer-pen housing roughly 30 fallow deer (a little clue as to the origins of my name) It is a little difficult to creep up on them whilst trudging noisily through the snow, so they are quite far away. But they were just so beautiful and graceful. They make my heart so happy.

Everything was so still. Snow balanced on the most precarious limbs.

Papa has been working hard all year to keep the supply of fuel topped up. It's like an art installation.

And, well, the child in me couldn't resist!

(if you look very closely at the top left corner of the 'snowheart', you will notice a few misplaced footsteps. That was when I lost my balance and did a very OTT wobble like some cartoon character)

And what, at the end of the day, is the most important thing?
A cosy and beautiful bed.

Me xxx

Humble Apologies

Hello dear reader. I do apologise, profusely.

All has been a little hectic. But I must report that Vintage Fairy and I had a most wonderful day at The Bust Craftacular Fair. It was fantastic! And we managed to do quite well on the selling front too ... Always a bonus! We met such inspiring and talented people, and ideas and dreams were encouraged to blossom. Fuelled by our success I am delighted to announce that we will both be opening our own Etsy Stores in the New Year. How very exciting indeed. I was going to post some photos of what can be expected, but I think I will hold off a little while yet till all is set up properly. Oh ok, one little crumb ... anyone fancy owning a Grand National Winner??! That's a little confusing. But funny. To me.

Ok, I will be back soon with delights from Deerpark Cottage. My real home.

Me xxx

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I saw and fell in love with a pair of shoes two months ago in Dublin and, very sensibly, resisted from buying. I have thought of them manys a time since, but as they were left behind in another country, I could console myself that it just wasn't to be.
Then, innocently, I browse a shop on Columbia Road and what is there before me? The very same shoes. How could the gods deal me this cruel blow? I am a relatively good person. Now I must just ignore the blinding fact that they are in the same city as me?
Just sitting there.

Like this
All pretty and perfect.
Me xxx


Having talked for maybe two (hundred) years about collaborating on a stall together, AVintageCraftingFashionFairy and I will be selling our wares one week today (Saturday 12th December 2009) at the wonderful Bust Craftacular.


We will be going by the name of
Harte and Fallow
(encorporating both of our names)

So, what can you expect from us? Well how about a range of beautifully hand made clothing from Harte and from Fallow, accessories, some stationary, decorations and a few random surprises.

There will be over 60 vendors there, Tea and Cakes a plenty, workshops, DJs and dancing. How wonderful. Surely the perfect way to get those Christmas senses a tingling. AND free goodie bags for the first 100 through the door so it sure will pay to be early.

Do come along!

Bust Christmas Craftacular, 12 - 7pm, York Hall, 5-15 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, E2 9PJ
(York Hall is 2mins walk from Bethnal Green tube and is opposite the V&A Museum of Childhood)

Me xxx

shop popping

Oh time. It runs, runs, far, far away. Too many things to tell you, not enough discipline to blog. Must do better. Will endeavour to do so.

My Knight and I went on a little Christmas trip into town. We had a lovely lunch in St. Christopher's place, in a lovely cafe that really reminded me of being in Paris.

The rain was horrendous. Not part of our plan and so we took shelter where everyone should, Liberty. Oh joy. Yum, yum, yum. My magpie eyes were wide and alive. Oh colour, oh Christmas, oh yes please and thank you very much.

I enjoyed these lights:

(Bunny Rabbit Lamp £59)

(Pigeon Light by Ed Carpenter £60)

They reminded me of the Bambi lamp being sold in Caravan at the moment (£99):

This little Bambi has been busy. He is currently appearing on pg55 of Elle Decoration Dec 2009. Fantastic issue ... but that's for another post.

I fell for these, of course:

(unfortunately I can't locate the price ... probably for the best)

I could have spent hours wandering around dreaming of how I could move into the store without anyone noticing ... but I had to meet my chum for late night shopping on Columbia Road.

The rain had eased off thank goodness and we popped into each haven of beauty and treasure. Free mince pies, mulled wine and even shots of vodka in Ryantown from the most beautiful Rob Ryan shot glasses.

Columbia road Christmas Wednesdays. All info here!

Me xxx