Monday, August 9, 2010

a lucky change of events

When Pure Harte and I arrived at POP IN on Thursday morning,
there was much to do ...

mainly, laying rolls and rolls of grass turf to cover the entire shop floor! 
Hard work!

It sure did look beautiful though

mid rolling I got chatting to Michelle off of Krausz Jewellery
who had organised the whole affair
what an amazing lady 

It turned out that there would actually be a space to sell on Friday and Saturday!
A Hawk&Fallow shaped space?
Oh yes indeedy.

So thursday was spent helping Katie set up and sell. 

Her section of the shop was so very pretty, with bunting and bows,
coloured fairy lights and doilies.
A little dream land.

Thursday night was the private view
A great success, and even a mention on the Vogue Blog!

Friday I set up shop, literally.

I had some delightful customers, including a couple of dream boys buying cards for girlfriends. 
Keepers! They obviously know their stuff!

I was very chuffed indeed to be allowed to muscle in at such a late stage in the proceedings.

Both Katie and I were very inspired by some of the chats we had,

Eak Design, Rebecca Coffee, Kate Underdown 

Thank you ladies.

me xxx

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