Tuesday, August 10, 2010

hawk and fallow's etsy

good lordy

well it only took me about a year,

but ... officially ...

hawkandfallow's etsy store doors are now 100% OPEN!

So far there are twelve individually made accordian fold cards on the shelves

Cards have been made using original and unique rent books dating from 1930s

Each card houses a beautiful vintage playing card
and is held together by a colourful ribbon tied in a pretty bow at the front

Each card comes with a handmade envelope carefully fashioned from a 1940s ladies catalogue

I will be updating the shop with other products every day, still many more shelves to stock.

I do hope you enjoy browsing

me xxx


  1. Your shop looks fantastic! Well done! So excited about it! X x x

  2. Looks gorgeous!! Whoop whoop! Lets have a glass of pop to toast your shop opening!