Tuesday, August 10, 2010



I am extremely proud and excited to announce that:

Hawk&Fallow's 'Take Flight' postcards are venturing all the way to Brighton
to be sold in the most wonderful 

It is the first time any of my products will be stocked in an actual shop
very delighted indeed
Thank you Alison and Stuart!

The shop is due to open on Friday 3rd September.

You can follow all of the shop's progress here
twill be quite the transformation!

me xxx


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  2. how wonderful for you!! congrats on that. its a very "validating" feeling to be in an official bricks-and-mortar shop, isn't it? i love your blog too! i'm newly obsessed with taxidermy,too. cheers to us for putting ourselves out there and shaping our own destiny. the world changes bit by bit thusly... ;) all the best to you in all the many artful areas of your life! let's keep it going, shall we? xxoo