Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Contemplation and Activity

I had the wonderful privilege of spending the day with my father.

He constantly enlightens and inspires me.
Today, his casual topic of conversation was that of:
The Necessary Tension between Contemplation and Activity
Perfect for a Tuesday non?

We can, and must have activity. Especially when the activity is one that we blossom in. The 'thing' that makes us 'us'. The gifting and the skills that when we use, we feel connected. 

However, to allow the activity to have any depth, it is essential that we allow room for contemplation. It is this which stops our activity from becoming purely superficial. And, in actual fact, the contemplation is the most active because it informs and feeds. Without it, we are running on steam, running on what we once knew and thought but not truly growing with the activity.

It is a misconception that to be still is to waste time, the opposite it true.

me xxx 


  1. wow. how beautiful & inspiring. more like this please.

  2. yes indeed, he is a great man. I promise to share any further pearls x