Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Coming home. Coming home to yourself. Back to your land and roots. Perhaps there can be nothing better.

For some reason I haven't really caught the Christmas bug so far this year. Quite frustrating as this is usually my most favourite page of the calendar.

Last eve I flew home from the big smoke to the small winding country lanes of home. Snow! Everywhere! Arriving in late I had to wait until morning to fully appreciate the sheer beauty that was surrounding the cottage ...

Over the hedge at the back of my parents garden lies a 30 acre deer-pen housing roughly 30 fallow deer (a little clue as to the origins of my name) It is a little difficult to creep up on them whilst trudging noisily through the snow, so they are quite far away. But they were just so beautiful and graceful. They make my heart so happy.

Everything was so still. Snow balanced on the most precarious limbs.

Papa has been working hard all year to keep the supply of fuel topped up. It's like an art installation.

And, well, the child in me couldn't resist!

(if you look very closely at the top left corner of the 'snowheart', you will notice a few misplaced footsteps. That was when I lost my balance and did a very OTT wobble like some cartoon character)

And what, at the end of the day, is the most important thing?
A cosy and beautiful bed.

Me xxx

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