Monday, December 21, 2009

Humble Apologies

Hello dear reader. I do apologise, profusely.

All has been a little hectic. But I must report that Vintage Fairy and I had a most wonderful day at The Bust Craftacular Fair. It was fantastic! And we managed to do quite well on the selling front too ... Always a bonus! We met such inspiring and talented people, and ideas and dreams were encouraged to blossom. Fuelled by our success I am delighted to announce that we will both be opening our own Etsy Stores in the New Year. How very exciting indeed. I was going to post some photos of what can be expected, but I think I will hold off a little while yet till all is set up properly. Oh ok, one little crumb ... anyone fancy owning a Grand National Winner??! That's a little confusing. But funny. To me.

Ok, I will be back soon with delights from Deerpark Cottage. My real home.

Me xxx

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