Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Urban Orchard

you may be trudging home
you may have had quite the bad day
you may have cried in a toilet cubicle 
you may have thought that nothing works or makes sense

and then

you may happen upon something like this ...

and you might, just might, smile.

"Following the London Festival of Architecture and lasting through the autumn, the site of 100 Union Street in SE1 has been transformed into an urban orchard and community garden.
Designed by Heather Ring of the Wayward Plant Registry for The Architecture Foundation and built with the help ofBankside Open Spaces Trust and an array of other helpful volunteers the garden will regenerate a disused site in Bankside and create a place for exchange between local residents and visitors to the Festival.
There will be a series of workshops and activities taking place in the Orchard over the next couple of months so please check out events calendar.
The Urban Orchard is also home to the LivingARK, a zero-carbon pod which is inhabited during the period of the project to showcase sustainable ways of living.  The site also hosts The Nest, a pavilion created by the Finnish Institute, the Identikit by Thomas Kendal and Tamsin Hanke and a skip turned table tennis table created by Oliver Bishop-Young.
In September the garden will be dismantled and all the trees will be given to local estates and other community gardens to remain as a lasting legacy of the 2010 London Festival of Architecture.
Tis a little beautiful haven

thank you to people like this who improve all of our lives 
and make us happy
me xxx

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