Tuesday, July 6, 2010


playing a bit of catch up ...
I have been busy busy these past few days.

On Sunday eve, Jive Chum and co suggested sitting outside the enclosures of Jay Zed's gig in Hyde Park and having a good old eavesdrop. Why not says I?

I mean it was sort of like listening to a very loud radio, but hey we were in the same park, breathing the same air. 
I think I felt some of his coolness rub off on me. 
I mean I have felt a bit more hip this week.

Anyway, beside our little group, a couple decided to light a flying Chinese lantern 
(as you may recall I posted about my absolute love for these)

And to my utter overjoyed delight, I managed to capture it's ascent ...


twas a beautiful moment as many rushed to assist its journey,
and as it floated onwards and upwards,
we all shared a clap and a cheer.

me xxx

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