Saturday, July 3, 2010

bust a move

I was having a nosey through my fellow Bust Craftacular vendors,
realising that if I wasn't careful, I might spend any money I make right there on the day. Note to self : Do not do that, ok?

Anyway. I came across a certain Mr Dan Hillier
And I fell in love at first sight.

"These forgotten images and discarded memories re-write a gorgeously dark period of history, one full of elephant men and taxidermy, death and medicine. The resulting pieces are like postcards coming from Beardsley from a Victorian mansion - if the mansion was populated by circus freaks and Werner Herzog." 
Dazed and Confused Magazine 

Exactly what I was thinking.

I have found it difficult selecting images for this post, simply because every single work of art makes my insides crumble, rejoice  dance and cry all at the same time. 
That's what a bit of beauty will do to me. 
They are the things of the most amazing dreams and nightmares rolled into one.

Mr Hillier, it says you doff your hat at us, well, I doff my hat right back at ya.

me xxx

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