Tuesday, May 24, 2011

windy city

Busy times here in Edinburgh, hence the lack of blog activity ... 
I am missing it very much indeed.
Yesterday I took a lovely walk along the river to 
The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

The weather was all over the place, as was I -
turns out it's pretty windy in Scotland
But, the cobwebs were well and truly blown away which was most therapeutic to my soul

on arrival, this message awaited me

I actually laughed right out loud

you have to love the unexpected gems life scatters in our pathways.

I also spied a couple of Anthony Gormley men on my travels ... 
it all felt a bit like a treasure hunt adventure
me with my map, getting blown across the street, climbing lots of steps and listening to Mike Scott.

Good times.
me xxx

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  1. Oh sounds so lovely! Don't fall in love with Scottieland though because you have to come home at some point...right? x