Monday, May 9, 2011

Keeler & Tornero

Yesterday, I was back down to London briefly
for some music rehearsals.

We were working in some studios in Stoke Newington,
also home to some very interesting artists.

I picked up this flyer ...

"Chin Keeler and Emma Tornero work collaboratively. They trade ideas and thoughts to break through to a common goal, suspending their individual artistic vision and preconceived ideas in an animated dialogue of polar styles. Both work on the same piece at the same time, intuitively sourcing imagery or deliberating on a concept or theme, negotiating spontaneity and intent, fusing Chin's immediacy with Emma's precision.
They describe their collaborative experience as 'scary, uncomfortable, frustrating but ultimately rewarding and exciting', and in this way they create images in which the impossible emerges as something perfectly natural, making their chaotic disregard for reality as plausible as ordered representation."

 What an amazing creative process.
It is always encouraging to hear that other artists continue
to find themselves in that initial state of fear
when they embark upon a new project,
but that they always emerge safely on the other side.
I have huge respect for those who are willing
to take that first step, over and over again.
It is extremely encouraging.

Three of their collage pieces which I love ...

 website, blog and shop

I, very unfortunately, will not be in London for their exhibition,
but perhaps you will be -
I think it will definitely be worth a look 

me xxx

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