Wednesday, April 27, 2011

highland happiness

And so, hawkandfallow finds herself in Scotland.

which we performed in January 2010, 
is now on tour to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stratford upon Avon.

What a delight.
Three new places to discover.

I have been to Edinburgh a few times, but never for this long 
(six whole weeks)
and so there is much adventure to be had
(in between rehearsals and performances that is)

I intend to squeeze every last drop out of this beautiful city.

Yesterday I had some time off and explored the Old Town, 
Victoria street and Grassmarket.

I happened upon the most wonderful place -

The Red Door Gallery

their mission:

·    We provide exhibition space for talented and prolific artists (both emerging and those established), that can demonstrate ambition and are dedicated to high standards of practice.

·    We show work that is accessible and affordable to those who do not usually visit galleries, as well as to the avid collector.

·    Democratise art, by making work accessible to people. We provide clear and simple information on the artist and their artwork whenever possible. We create a welcoming and informal environment for people to feel comfortable when viewing work.

·    We actively invite a large variety of people to the gallery and hope the work displayed will challenge their opinions.

·    We take risks by showing work that is not controlled by convention.

·    We promote the idea that artwork is a good investment and provides value for money for our customers.

Don't you love this?
Don't you love them?

(and they have a blog and shop)

I do love this particular piece by Emily Hogarth
entitled 'Edinburgh', apt?

I also bought a copy of 'oh comely' magazine issue 5
which deserves a post all of its own.

and, that, it will get

me xxx

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  1. ah, I love oh comely! Such a beauty of a magazine..