Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Forget Me Not

Daughter of a regretful generation, don't feed from their plate
Paths untaken and roads untraveled
The risks of not taking enough weighs heavy in your heart
Never settle.
Lift your eyes. 
Higher. Higher. 

Caught between the unreal realms of your reality
You struggle for the foothold you never had.
And once amazed but now perplexed by this record.
Scratched by the needles that you pricked the skins of others.
Your sweet tasting nectar growing sour on old tongues.
And age. And time.
Never real friends of yours, or mine.
It seems you didn't notice.
Now look, you drag your legs from under their devastating weight.
Clawing at the soil you grew from 
but now wash desperately from under your finger nails.

I must learn but know not how
Your path is not mine
I face what I face
But tell me, how will I know?
 I too will be living and not realising
Just as you did
And I will be misinforming my decisions as you did
Oh help me father
Oh help me mother
My fate I face now so unskilled and afraid

(by hawkandfallow)

me xxx

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