Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Urban Poetry

I was more than flattered and delighted when my chum 
asked for my assistance on interior decisions for her new pad.

The theme?
"Urban Poetry" says she. 

Funnily enough, I seem to think I know what she means.
I hope.

I have trawled my favourite blogs, and got terribly lost from one to the other via another, saving photos which I think fit the bill.

My first stop is the living area.
I have a few ideas.

I think it should be as airy as possible, the feeling of space, but with interesting nooks and crannies dotted about. 
Colour and vibrancy ('urban'), 
but elegant and mysterious ('poetry').

 A nice splash of colour here, with retro furniture but still managing to be fresh.

Storage in a most appealing manner. Tres cool.

not quite enough colour for my liking but just so well balanced and ordered even though all the objects are mismatched in shape and size

So elegant and chic. Love the exposed light bulb, the framed pictures and all those clean lines!

This little collection of images show how colour really can work, I mostly love the top left picture with the two armchairs. Very cosy whilst still managing to be interesting and fun. Definitely a corner for knitting?

A favourite of mine. It's very tidy isn't it?
I think it's a nice foundation ...

The first one is more of a workshop than living room, I know, but I just love the beautifully ordered clutter of these images. 
I think it's a balance between busy walls and clear surfaces. 
That must be how it works.

Love it. A snooker table and a beautiful armchair? Together? 
Yes! It works!

OK. So it's only a start. What do you think Paper Rock Scissors?

Am I along the correct lines?

me xxx

(thank you to all my favourite blogs for providing these images)

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