Friday, June 25, 2010


I find it funny when others use 'literally' in the wrong place.

I am allowed to laugh at said people because I too am guilty of littering my dialogue with the word
e.g. "I was LITERALLY run off my feet" etc.


Today, it was literally
(all systems go) 

Firstly redhead flatmate photographed all my products so that I can set up my etsy store in time for the BUST market. 
We spent 4 hours on it, and I am overly delighted with the results. So very exciting. It's nice to look at pictures of your work when you've spent so long 'making'. Sometimes it's hard to sit back and look at what you have created with any appreciation.

The etsy store doors are now a tiny bit ajar ... I just need to dust down, paint and stock the shelves.

Also I ordered my business cards. 

I used this image from today's session 

Sometimes beauty makes my heart crumble melt and explode all at the same time.

Thanks redhead.

me xxx

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