Friday, May 21, 2010

The sun hit London town today.
And, after quite some time of deathly silence, inspiration hit me.

I have been struggling on empty for the past couple of weeks.
On a number of occasions I have sat down with my materials, only to pack them all away some moments later.

My heart and soul have been experiencing a lot of turmoil recently and instead of filling me with angry passion, I have just been in full hibernation. 

Empty. Scared.

I should have been lying in a park somewhere but I couldn't face the prospect of being alone with those thoughts of mine. 
Not another day of that, please.

I sat at my table ...

and I began by watching this:

and then I also listened to some Joanna Newsom and Tom Petty

and, hey presto, I made 8 cards. Ones what I feel proud of.

It feels a tiny bit better to be inside my head. 

every baby step counts I suppose

me xxx 


  1. oh you must read this: :)

  2. thank you Colm, that's a great article. Sprezzatura. I like it a lot. Lets always be using that word and aspire to include it, not only in our vocabulary but also our life style. What's your blog so we can follow one another ...
    H&F xxx

  3. I just read that article colm recommended. It's good to know that a lot of work went into elizabeth collecting her thoughts as it always takes me ages to get mine together into something comprehensible.