Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bird News (parts 1 - 3)

I am sure it is quite unnecessary to remind you that I LOVE BIRDS, 
I mean, they do tend to feature quite a bit on HAWK and fallow ... 
but I have noticed them appearing just about everywhere recently. 
And that is strange coming from me.

I have even had to break this post down into THREE parts, yes THREE, just to get through the backlog of BIRD NEWS.


Some beautiful bird motif gardening tools, tape measures, 'handy' torches, picture frames. 
You name it. 
Both in pink or yellow.

Even though my 'garden' is one window box, I would just like to own these. The torch would be for checking flower growing progress ... at night. Obviously.
(sorry pictures are so small - look on the habitat website for better quality)


Birthday Gladness

Blondie bestowed upon me the most wonderful gift in celebration of my birth. 
And, you guessed correctly, it involved a bird.

A wonderfully shaped glass bottle with a bird cork on top!

Isn't he handsome?

he is my new best friend.

I'm not sure what I will keep in the bottle as yet.
Perhaps I will whisper secrets into it and quickly cork it so as not to let them escape.

The company who makes them is Heaven Sends. They don't seem to have their own website but some of their products can be found online.

Thankings Blondie!


I have mentioned before the Irish shop Avoca and all it's glorious wonders.
Whilst in Ireland I do find myself wandering in there most days. I never tire of the beauty.

As a little present to myself, for being me, I purchased these postcards.
They came in the most pretty tin which will definitely have a life of its very own long after all the cards have been sent.

Inside, there are 18 postcards with 6 different designs:

 They make my heart so glad. I might even send myself one.

I sent my first one off this morning. As they are postcards, they obviously don't come with envelopes but I just fashioned one out of a page from a magazine.

Their website it a haven of colour and beauty, and I have discovered they too have a blog. Definitely worth some serious bird watching investigation.

So there you have it. 
Bird News.
Up. To. Date.

me xxx

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