Wednesday, April 21, 2010

legs eleven

I know, I know. It's not even nearly time to get your legs out.
Well not really in my book anyway.
In the recent sunshine I have seen some pins out and about AND I have spied a few nice little summer shorts that have got me daydreaming.

I must admit that even when it is sunny and warm I am hesitant about being bare legged. It's the milk bottle white shade and the fact that my legs look like those of an eight year old boy that put me off. Also I have never quite got the hang of faking a tan. But maybe, just maybe, this summer will be different ... I have 3 months to talk myself around. And I suppose I could do some squats or something ... ha.

(american apparel bloomers)

(asos horse play... not those silly boots though)

(3 cuties from topshop)

(a little gem from topman - they do little sizes too)

Or maybe I could just get this jumper suit from American Apparel which still covers a good bit of the leg ...

Oh sunshine, please maybe could you make an appearance ... soonish?

Me xxx

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