Monday, April 19, 2010


A good thing about being in a 'new' city is that you are forced to find out what's happening what's occuring what's going down. Having lived in London for a grand total of 8 years now, I do have to remind myself to try new things and visit new places, and being elsewhere, you don't have much choice. 

My work here in Belfast has happily coincided with the city's Film Festival

The cinema has been the place where we have explored our dreams,
met our loves and in the darkest of times
been offered a light of hope.

Brian Henry Martin
Festival Chairman

There is a fantastic line up of new Irish cinema, world cinema, animation, documentaries, dialogues, short films and classics as well. I began to mark all the films that I wanted to see and it turns out I have to go to the cinema every day, some times twice a day ... might not be so practical, but I am hoping to fit in as many as possible!

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