Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a little indulgent treat

So we needed to get away. 
Away from distractions and smog and work and others. 
Where in the world is better but home. 

A nice little hide away on the most beautiful Antrim coast, 

We were treated like King and Queen. Only right, says I. Lovely friendly staff, a massive humungous bed and a perfectly placed large flat screen tv, heehee.
And the spacious bathroom was nicely stocked with Co Bigelow products. Tick! 

I fell in love with the lavender and peppermint body lotion. My skin is very moisturised!

Not that you really want to leave your room, but if you do, you can always curl up by the fireside with a book (or script that you need to prepare for an audition!)Toasty toasty. Just remember there are other guests in the hotel!!

Everywhere you turn there are lovely little cosy details, stacks of books, vintage suitcases piled high, tins and bottles and all those things we love. 

The food was delicious. For our evening meal, I opted for the locally caught sea bream, on a bed of roasted red pepper, sun blushed tomato, and rocket, with a drizzle of basil oil. And of course some garlic potatoes. One must have one's potatoes when one is in Ireland. Too full up for for dessert? Non. Not moi. Sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce and fresh cream. Oh and then a latte.    

We didn't want to leave. We really did not. 
But alas, we had no choice.

But there is always the beach. Ok, ok, so it's never going to be bikinis and ice cream ... Not in the north of Ireland. More like coats and scarves and hats. Oh and note to self, converse trainers invite sand in. They invite it in and give it a cup of tea. And a biscuit. 

The never ending Atlantic Ocean. 
Ah, space and freedom. We need that in our lives and sometimes it does not come naturally. But it's essential. 

I wanted to visit Dunluce Castle. A real castle. So beautiful. Just imagining the banquets and wars and love stories. I felt a little like a child exploring. We even found a secret cave ... 


It did sort of feel like the beginning of a horror film ... And I was paranoid that the tide would suddenly come in and we would be lost forever. Luckily these things did not happen. Of course. 

Sea side towns have a particular type of glamour don't they? I mean, glamour is really not the right word. Perhaps charm is more appropriate. I couldn't live there but I love the garish amusements, the seafront houses and their colours, the fact that every second shop is a fish and chip shop! You might have thought I had eaten enough to do me for a week or two, but the sea air sure makes you hungry ...

Yes, that's just one person's portion. Didn't quite clean the plate. I mean I kept eating (and eating)but the amount of food left didn't seem to change. 

Some kind of seaside magic? 

Me xxx

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  1. Sounds like a dream, I am quite the jealous lady.