Saturday, January 16, 2010

riding along on my ...

I really, really want a bicycle. There are a couple of reasons as to why I maybe should not have one, but, still my heart desires. Hopefully the weather will start turning fresh and spring-like soon (wishful thinking) and I would love to get about on two wheels. But what would I go for?

Something a little unusual ...

or perhaps a little more classic 

Loving the colour. A flash of beauty along a grey street. This photo was sourced from a blog taking pictures of bikes in Amsterdam, the cyclist's heaven. I don't think I have ever felt so free and happy as when I have been in Holland visiting my beautiful Aunt. Cycling everywhere and laughing and toppling into one another!

Amongst all the cycling paraphernalia that one would require, the two important things are a helmet, of course, and a basket. 

I am a believer that helmets are an absolute must. AND I have seen some nice ones. London Cycle Chic is both a fantastic blog and source for all things cycle. They have featured many a helmet and I liked the look of these beauties ... 

Bern Muse £39.99

Bern Watt £39.99

What if I was just to wear these as hats day to day? Would that be allowed?

And then an object carrier. Fresh vegetables, flowers, a baguette, some toilet roll ... 

One can go for the classic basket up front:

The Big Mamma - Wicker Basket £26.99

or how about this ...

Delicious! Deluxe Shopper Pannier £40. It clips onto your backrack.

I just love this too:

Vintage Style Box Bag £30

So, I can dream I suppose. And sometimes dreams can come true ... Perhaps even for an approaching birthday. It would certainly be enough time to save up. Hmmm ...

Me xxx

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