Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a bit too much excitement you say? no, no

So, 'The Paris Rock Club'. Well. Not quite "taking the dance floor by storm" exactly ... Is it worrying that the male teacher kept reminding me that "MEN lead and ladies FOLLOW"? Am I dance floor bully? I do hope not. Just ... enthusiastic ... I was a bit worried that I would get lost by 'step 3' of the routine but it is well paced, relaxed and most importantly, a bit of a laugh. I will definitely be attending next weeks class.

As a reward for the above hardcore workout, Jive chum (as she shall be known from here on in) and I popped around the corner to our favourite eatery,
Oh yum, yum, yum. They serve the most delicious "modern thai food" in a simple but ambient environment.

The name and red exterior always make me think 'Italian' but ... well ... no. Thai. The portions are just right and well priced. Service is prompt and yet you never feel rushed. All in all, I recommend. The only drawback? No desserts. I know. But no fear, we are in Spitalfields, the land of the eateries!

Now, here in lies a bit of a moral dilemma. The renovation of the market has made me quite forlorn. It has suddenly become a bit of a flashy lego land, has it not? I mean there is a block of restaurants literally stacked on top of one another. It's a bit too much. And I say all this and yet Jive and I wandered in, in search of ice cream. Is that a bit wrong? I should probably refuse to eat in any of those establishments and hold fast to the communist seed planted two generations ago in the heart of a most honorable man. But, alas, I did not.

So anyway.
Canteen. Stepping through a thick rich red velvet curtain, I sort of felt a bit special. As the name would suggest, they have opted for simplicity in their interior design but it is all so stylish, clean and sharp. I particularly loved their chairs. A nice take on an old classic.

And the dessert?

We both opted for Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream and Shortbread. Uh huh. DElicious. And I know my ice cream.

A bit of a treat all this ... but then isn't that what Tuesday evenings are all about?

Me xxx

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