Sunday, January 24, 2010


I bought you a small present.

'Mother', the August 1949 issue (ninepence). 
Exactly 60 years before the birth of the pixie parcel.

There are 130 pages of sheer goodness, it was difficult to choose examples ... 

A little blurry ... "It's safe to say TODDILOX does curl baby's hair ...
absolutely safe to use, harmless to the most delicate scalp. Yet it acts like magic when used for a short time - makes curls grow where none would grow before."

Firstly, no way. Secondly, no.

Chosen purely for 'alarm factor'

"Gay Days for Mary ... she's always out and about.
Thanks to Knights Castle Complexion Soap"

I could do with a bit of that I think.

Me xxx

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