Wednesday, November 24, 2010

their prints are so well selected
and always make me laugh or sigh
although I don't know a lot about typography, I am always interested in the fonts people use and just how beautiful they are

(oh and what great festive gift ideas too)

here a few of my personal favourites:

Kiss Checklist:

me xxx


  1. hey! thank you for your lovely comment on my little blog(: And thank you so much for indroducing me to Keep Calm Gallery - what a great page!

    - hope to see you around, Min.

  2. Hi,

    Are you the Northern Irish girl I bought two pictures from today at the craft fair? If so, how do I send you photos of them hung on my wall?


  3. hello made by me! I am indeed that very girl. Please contact me at - can't wait to see your photos!
    thank you so very much for your custom today, it was so encouraging.
    Looking forward to checking out your blog.
    Lisa x