Thursday, October 7, 2010

we were some pair,
and moi,
at Alexandra Palace

mostly we were getting lost, being wide eyed 
and buying too many balls of wool

wow was there a lot of wool about
woolen airplanes ... woolen telephones


I was so inspired by the embroidery, the fearless creativity
that people shared

and I made a wonderful discovery in Boukje Voet ...

I think seeing her work has changed my life somehow

I really do mean that

each book is deconstructed and then remade

I love paper

And I suppose I should share my purchases too:
yes thirteen
balls of delicious wool

10 balls of black 'Sublime Angora Merino'
2 balls of gorgeous shiny gold 'Lang Yarns'
and 1 ball of grey 'Purl Alpana'

and 2 patterns from Purl Alpaca:

Alexis Gloves

and Bjelle Top

and look! this is what I'll be doing once I've finished knitting my top ...

yeah, I know! Mad!

me xxx



1 comment:

  1. wow the work that must have gone into that embroidered quilt is beyond impressive, looking forward to an update as to what you will be creating with all that lovely wool. I assume you will be knitting me a dress for christmas, no pressure!!