Thursday, October 21, 2010


Although I rarely blog about fashion as such, 
I do love clothes.
For the past month I have been desperate to buy some new things. 
Desperate, I tell you.
I have traipsed around shops over and over looking carefully for little gems, but to no avail.
Nothing, nada. 
Then, last night I was looking around the world wide web and made quite an amazing discovery. 
Why has no one ever told me about 
"A unique London based clothing label, where each style is carefully designed and handmade by British designer Nadia Izruna. Celebrating the lady from era’s gone by, Nadinoo invites timeless silhouettes and detailing to create it’s vintage felt collections. Designs include boastful bows, flirtatious frills and beautiful bell shapes in sumptuous silks and cottons from Liberty of London prints."
Every single item of the AW10 collection 
makes my heart soar 
and my senses tingle 

and honestly, I have been craving that feeling for so, so long

Told you
I love the flashes of colour but the simple lines
Nothing too fussy and yet full of character

Very excited about exploring their blog too, 
it looks like it may be full to the brim with gems.
Thank you Nadinoo for restoring my faith in fashion 
and warming my lagging heart again.

me xxx

1 comment:

  1. Hello there Lisa,

    Just wanted to thank you for the heart warming post, delighted you enjoy our latest collection!

    I was quite nervous to be honest to release this season but all the warm positive feedback has given me more enthusiasm to design the next collection.

    Love Nadinoo x