Sunday, February 7, 2010

while the mices are away ...

Jive chum and I had a special day together. A little indulgent if truth be told.

To begin: Steak and chips (yes, greedy, I know) at the magnificent  
I do love it in there. It has always been a firm favourite. Just perfect for a Sunday meet up, or an any day meet for that matter. The miss-match crockery and cutlery tick the box, the wallpaper, the wooden panelling, the antlers, all those mirrors ...

(oh, and a funny overheard conversation ... "I'm so sorry I'm late, I've been running around looking for ELF in the woods!") 

Then, I was persuaded by a camden passage stall holder and his two friends (who just happened to be there to ooh and ahh at everything I lifted ... employed??) to buy this DELICIOUS vanity case

It's in pristine condition, and I was "guaranteed" that I "would never" find a better case. Hmmm. Quite the sales team. I don't quite have the room to house this case, if truth be told, but as we enter production week with the play it will come in very handy! 

We wandered around a few shops, including Noah's Ark toyshop where I purchased TWENTY miniature soldiers for a little present project I have up my sleeve. More on that in a bit.

Due to a rain storm (light drizzle) we decided to take cover in Ottolenghi (287 Upper Street). Yes, that's right, not a bus shelter but Ottolenghi. How very grand of us. But, I did have the most scrumdiddliumptious chocolate fondant cake and peppermint tea. What an AMAZING cake shop (I mean, there are savoury options but who in their right mind is going to opt for those?). So many delicious choices and the staff were very helpful with my rather annoying nut allergy which can often be a nightmare in cake shops. They have a great website too. Have a look.

Ah. Joy. Time with a friend. Not something to be taken for granted.

A lovely day to set me up for what is going to be a roller coaster ride / potential nightmare of a week. I sort of expect some tears with the laughter. 
Head up and soldier on.

Me xxx

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