Monday, February 1, 2010

I know it's now 'cool' and all

... taxidermy that is ... but I still feel a little bit shameful about liking it. Why? It's like I feel a bit bad about it all. For no good reason. It's an art form and an amazing one at that. 

The knight and I went to the Natural History Museum late night on Friday. Top tip ... last Friday of every month ... very gothic and a little creepy. ANYWAY. So we saw lots of exciting things. In particular, the bird corridor, a "beautiful and varied collection of preserved specimens, which began in the eighteenth century, ranges from exotic birds threatened with extinction to more common blackbirds and swans"

(unless you happened to have seen 'The Fourth Kind', in which case 'terrifying' might be a better description)

a little fearsome

And something that was a little reminiscent of Hitchcock ...


The visual experience reminded me of a couple of photos I took last week on Chesire street and totally forgot to post

Birds and jewellery. Together. Delicious.

Me xxx

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