Thursday, June 9, 2011

time gentlemen please

"For three decades Christian Marclay has deftly manipulated recorded sound and its associated imagery - 
from his early work as a pioneering turntablist to assemblages of record covers and montages of clips from Hollywood movies.

His latest work, The Clock, features thousands 
of found film fragments of clocks, watches, and characters 
reacting to a particular time of day. 
These are edited together to create a 24-hour-long video that functions as an actual timepiece and is synchronised with local time. As each new clip appears a new narrative is suggested, 
only to be swiftly overtaken by another. 
Watching, we inhabit two worlds, that of fiction and that of fact, as real-time seconds fly by inexorably."
(taken from the British Art Show 7  
'In the Days of the Comet' exhibition guide)

Today, I went to the  
(this is where I find myself now for one week whilst on tour)

I watched 40 minutes of The Clock and was mesmirised. 
I honestly couldn't tear myself away from the screen.
I had to, in the end, otherwise I would have missed the show 
I'm supposed to be in.

 If you get the chance to watch any of this film,
please, please, do.

me xxx

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